Our coffee

Our team has sourced the best possible coffee that we could get our hands on from around the world. We have dedicated years of research and developed this to perfect our unique signature blends, ideal for the discerning coffee connoisseurs. 

Coffee Origin

The character of coffee is influenced by the region, terroir, climate and then partnerships. Consider Ethiopia, Colombia & Sumatra to start and get into El Salvador, Guatemala, Bolivia, Kenya, Tanzania & India deliciousness. Then perhaps a Cup of Excellence from Minas Gerais, a washed Huila or a natural from Sidamo. The best people choose their partners well.

At Specialist Beverages we offer a coffee tasting session to experience for yourself how various factors affect your coffee delivery to your customers. We help you select the right answer for your business.  Our team will guide you in this process and advise you on the right coffee for you. It is always about you and growing the value of your brand.

Single Origin

On our travels we have sourced some of the best single origin coffee known to man, which will help take your coffee experience to the next level. We work with several bespoke roasters depending on your needs and understand that no one size fits all.