Our Training

Not only do we provide you with the best possible equipment, but our coffee experts will also train your staff for FREE!  Guided by our qualified Barista training staff we will share their expertise & passion for great coffee allowing you to consistently create outstanding coffee day in day out.

Induction Barista Training (Free)

  • Brief history of coffee, its origins and how it is processed.
  • How to use your equipment safely.
  • The importance of fresh coffee.
  • The correct way to pull an espresso shot, the base of every drink.
  • Milk texturing and pour.  Basics to Latte art.
  • How to create your key drinks.
  • Machine cleaning.

Professional Techniques

  • Blend Profiling
  • Sample roasting
  • Cupping table
  • The 16 Extraction factors
  • Variations in milk types and their affect on milk texture
  • Milk temperature and texturing
  • In depth Latte art training
  • Flow management
  • Ergonomics

Competition Training

Bespoke coaching and resource. (Clients only)


All course prices on application.